About us

Core Values

  1. Increase Awareness - about how we can make more conscious choices for our day to day aspects of life like food, cleaning, posture in a simple and systematic manner
  2. Harmony with Nature - Products which are decomposable when discarded after use
  3. Improve Wellbeing - through right food, chemical free products, maintaining the right posture
  4. Affordability - Making conscious products affordable to accelerate mass adoption
  5. Transparency  - If any product is not in harmony with nature, we will highlight it and not try to hide it in fine print or use fancy marketing terms to conceal the truth
  6. Gratitude - to everyone who is joining us in being the change we wish to see in our world and for the multiple people who are involved in getting this product to us and the person who is introducing the product to the reader
  7. Reliability - Providing well researched knowledge from experts
  8. Community - Create a community which is passionate about sustainability and well being


Our Story

Our journey started 6 years ago when we started switching to organic food to provide the healthiest food for our children. The transition was not smooth because of lack of availability. As a family, we supported each other and planned based on availability. 


Once we embarked on a journey towards a more natural and conscious lifestyle, we started meeting many like minded people who were passionate about various aspects of natural living.


We understood that toxic chemicals were not just in our food, but also in our everyday cleaning products. Once we realized the dangers of everyday cleaning products, we started experimenting with various homemade cleaning solutions. After multiple trials and errors over 15-18 months, we completely replaced all the chemical cleaners (for home cleaning and personal care) at home with our natural homemade cleaners. We have immense satisfaction about discharging zero toxic chemicals into the ground water everyday.


We actually don’t need 6 or 8 different cleaning products like detergents, dish wash, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, toilet cleaners or whiteners. In this process of eliminating the cleaners, we reduced the amount of plastic waste we were generating. We carry our own cloth bags when we buy our supplies and carry our own steel water bottles wherever we go. Thereby we have greatly reduced the amount of dry waste that we generate as a family.


By feeding all our vegetable and fruit peels to cows in a Goshala and small pieces of fruit cuttings to squirrels and birds in our terrace, we reduced wet waste generation to only leftover food. 


We thought we were living a low waste lifestyle, until we saw a 90 second trailer of a documentary called Trashed which made us sit up and think. Here is the video - https://vimeo.com/592216603


It was only after we saw the entire documentary that we realized the magnitude of the problem with waste. Our day to day pressures make us live life in autopilot mode. We don’t realize the amount of packaging waste we produce and plastic products that we use at home which will eventually get discarded.


We realized that there were many problems which had caused this situation and we had to find solutions

  • Awareness - We are not aware about
    • The amount of trash that we are producing 
    • How this trash is damaging our health, destroying the environment and killing many animals, birds and other creatures and is indirectly coming back to us through the food chain
    • The alternatives to our everyday products which are in harmony with nature
  • Affordability - Most conscious alternatives are too expensive today
  • Accessibility - The conscious alternatives are mainly available online and a very small percentage of India buys online


We wanted to be the change we wish to see in this world and that led to the birth of Conscious Living.


Conscious Living endeavours to provide the solutions by sharing knowledge about various products in a systematic manner and making the conscious products affordable and accessible not only online but also through Conscious Entrepreneurs.


Conscious Living makes it easier for you to decide on whether you want to continue using the products you currently use everyday or switch to conscious alternatives which are better for your family’s well being and our environment.


Conscious Packaging

All our packaging materials are 

  • 100% recyclable and compostable
  • 100% Plastic-Free
  • Tape is made of paper with a plant-based starch glue
  • Corrugated boxes made with recycled paper


Staying true to our core value of Transparency - If any of the packaging materials are not recyclable or contain plastic, we will clearly highlight this.