Meet our team

Shravan Boggaram

MBA – SP Jain, Mumbai
Creating lasting and meaningful impact is something that drives Shravan. Water for All is one of his projects where water filters are installed in front of the homes or offices of donors which provide free drinking water to people who pass by. Shravan is extremely passionate about natural farming and implements it in 20 acres. He has made 1000s of litres of natural cleaners and distributed it to people who want to move towards a more chemical free lifestyle. He enjoys doing seva in various Goshalas.

He walks the talk about all aspects of Conscious Living - consuming naturally grown and processed food, living a chemical free lifestyle, moving towards zero waste and shifting to clothes made from natural fibres and natural dyes.

“Many health and environmental problems didn’t exist 50 years ago. I strongly believe in going to the root of every problem to solve it in a way that is relevant to the 21st century. If we start doing the right things from today - we can leave the world a better place than we found it.”

Mukund BS

B.E – NIT Surat, MBA - IIM Calcutta 
Having graduated from the top 5% of his batch at IIMC and a brief stint at ITC foods, Mukund founded ReNew IT in 2009 with a Mission “To make Computers Affordable to every Indian” which has impacted the lives of lakhs of Indians. Mukund has spoken about his mission at TEDx and has been featured on leading newspapers and national television. He has won many awards and accolades. In 2014, he won the coveted title of “CNBC Masterpreneur”, the FKCCI “Innovation Excellence Award” and was one of the Global finalists at Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship summit, 2015 at Monaco.
He writes about all aspects of Conscious Living
“Sustainability and Healthy living have always been close to my heart. During Covid, I kept writing about these topics. Friends loved the posts but the constant feedback I got was that they could not access the right products at affordable prices. That is when I realized that knowledge without access doesn’t solve the problem.
To solve the problem – we need to not only spread awareness but also make products accessible and affordable”

Lakshana Shravan

Lakshana is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and has performed at the prestigious stages and dance festivals across the country. A recipient of the Rashtrapathi award from the President, Late Sri Abdul Kalam – her passion for excellence has been with her since childhood.

Lakshana is an unschooling mother. An explorer at heart – her vision to learn through travel struck a chord with many homeschooling families, which made her start Tripster Buddies. She supports moms who wish to learn and teach their kids through experiencing different geographies.

Lakshana has co-curated and organised Alternative Thinkers Conference, a platform for seekers to meet inspiring people who live life soulfully and know that Life is Simple.

She is deeply engrained into spirituality. She is known for her personalised sessions, 'Discover You'. Here she helps people to awaken their inner vitality by helping them find the root of their problems and guide them to overcome it, as their outer world is the reflection of their inner world. She aspires to travel, learn and connect with the oneness.

She designs all aspects of Conscious Living

"Conscious Living is us sharing our life. As a family, we have benefited tremendously – we sleep much better, we are brisker through the day, our bodies have become more flexible, we are more involved in all that we do and have become healthier by living this life. We want to share our journey with the world”

Pratik Singhal

Msc. Clinical Psychology, Christ University
Coming from a family focused in natural and sustainable living, he has a drive to help people achieve the happiest state of themselves through improving elements around them (environment) and elements within them (food intake)

Pratik has freelanced in front end development, graphic designing and brand management. When he's not working, he devotes his time to sports and video games. He is interested in badminton, swimming and table tennis.

He also has a passion for the creative arts and has painted since he was ten. He has always been an environmentalist at heart and strives to make sure that a sustainable lifestyle is easily adaptable for people who wish to protect out nature.

"Anything you put out there which harms another living things cannot be beneficial to an individual internally either."

He believes that it is our responsibility to follow a lifestyle that brings out the best of us, which helps us achieve the goals we set and enhance our mind to explore beyond limits. He handles the User experience and Online aspects at Conscious living.