Vetiver Cotton Face Mask
Vetiver Cotton Face Mask
Vetiver Cotton Face Mask
Vetiver Cotton Face Mask
Vetiver Cotton Face Mask
Vetiver Cotton Face Mask

Vetiver Cotton Face Mask

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  • Description
  • Opt for the ayurvedic and eco-friendly Vetiver Cotton Mask instead of a disposable mask made of plastic!

    These handmade masks not only help reduce plastic pollution but also do it in style with an elegant look! The pleasant natural fragrance of Vetiver relaxes you in these stressful times.

    The cotton improves breathability and is best for your skin. Cotton threads are used for stitching instead of nylon (which is plastic). 

    These masks are made by women from rural Tamil Nadu and provide a sustainable income for their families.


  • Conscious Transparency
  • The straps contain plastic and are not biodegradable.

  • Special Features
  • The Vetiver roots have medicinal and aromatic properties - a pleasant mild fragrance 

    The Mask is reusable for 15 hot washes or 30 cold washes

    Made from cotton - the mask doesn’t shed plastic microfibres which we can inhale

  • Can this be upcycled?
  • After using it as a mask, this can be used for cleaning at home. The presence of vetiver inside makes it useful for scrubbing floors or cleaning other grimy surfaces.

  • How to Dispose
  • When you want to discard your mask, please cut off the straps. The rest of the mask is completely biodegradable. To help the mask decompose faster, it will be better to cut it into smaller pieces.

    These smaller pieces can be composted along with your wet waste.

    Discard the elastic straps into the plastic waste recycling bin.

    Your choice is inspiring us at Conscious Living to provide you with more conscious alternatives. We are grateful that you are joining us on this exciting journey of being the change we wish to see in our world.


    With the right knowledge, you can choose better alternatives which are beneficial to you and our planet!

  • Disclaimer
  • The characteristics of the wood used to build a particular product may vary slightly from the wood used in any samples or product photography due to the inherent characteristics of the material. There will be variations in color, texture, and grains. We can not control or guarantee the exact look.